Pinxton - (Porcelain England,Factory)

Pinxton - (Porcelain, England, Factory) A small porcelain factory was established at Pinxton, Derbyshire, by William Billingsley in 1796, perhaps in partnership with John Coke, on whose estate the factory was situated. Coke almost certainly provided the capital to launch the enterprise. Billingsley pulled out in 1801 but the factory continued in being till about 1812, latterly under the management, perhaps ownership, of John Cutts, a painter responsible for much of the decoration. Most of the porcelain produced, mainly table wares and small vases, was in the style of Derby; but after Billingslry left there was a considerable deterioration. Output was always small and Pinxton porcelain is accordingly scarce. A large headed arrow is a recurring mark.


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