Nymphenburg - (Ceramics Porcelain Germany)

Nymphenburg - (Ceramics, Porcelain, Germany) This hard-paste porcelain factory founded in 1753, with J. J. Ringler from Vienna  as arcanist. Situated first at Neudeck, the factory was transferred to premises in the grounds of Nymphenburg Palace in 1761. Under the patronage of Prince Max III Joseph of Bavaria and, more actively, Count Sigismund von Haimhausen, and with the services of one of the greatest European modellers, Franz Anton Bustelli, the factory flourished until about 1770 and then went into a slow decline, passed to the State, was leased to a private company in 1862 and continues in production. Nymphenburg's great reputation is due to the figures of Bustelli, chief modeller from 1754 to 1763. He was the master of the rococo in terms of porcelain, or at least the Bavarian expression of it. The most common Nymphenburg mark is the shield.


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