Nailsea Glass - (Glass England)

Nailsea Glass - (Glass, England) Glass-house founded 1788 by John R. Lucas at Nailsea, near Bristol. Several types of glass made: at first bottle-glass of brownish-green tint with flecking or mottling and white enamel decoration, and a light green bottle-glass with crackling or white enamel decoration; then, from c. 1815, opaque colored glass with looped and mottled or flecked decoration, also white and colored latticino in pale green and clear flint glass; from 1845 translucent colored flint glass. Nailsea produced what is probably the most flamboyant glass eve: made in England; the combinations of colors would tax a mathematician; the number and variety of `friggers' produced must have been phenomenal. Colorful to the last, the Nailsea Glass-house closed in 1873, £30,000 in the red.

The Golden Age of English Glass: 1650-1775The Golden Age of English Glass: 1650-1775 


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