Liverpool - (Ceramics Pottery Porcelain England)

Liverpool - (Ceramics, Pottery, Porcelain, England) Considering the amount of ceramics produced at and near Liverpool extraordinarily few facts are known. It was certainly an early centre for delftware, the manufacture of which was in decline by the last quarter of the eighteenth century. But earthenware of all kinds was made throughout the eighteenth century and it is probable that the export trade to America was much larger than is generally realized. The making of porcelain probably dates from the 1750's and it is considered that there were a number of small factories engaged in its manufacture. The only factory of which even a little is known is that of Richard Chaff'ers, who made a porcelain containing soaprock which resembles early Worcester. Decoration is in the Chinese manner. The factory is thought to have been active 1756-65. John Sadler of Liverpool, in partnership with Guy Green, was one of the earliest to use transfer-printing; he may even have invented the process in the early 1750's.

Liverpool Porcelain of the Eighteenth CenturyLiverpool Porcelain of the Eighteenth Century 


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