Lithopane – (Ceramics Porcelain)

Lithopane – (Ceramics, Porcelain) A lithopane (or lithophane) is a picture created by the thickness of porcelain or bone china. When light shines through the porcelain, the thicker areas block more light, making them appear darker. A picture is formed when there are different areas of light and dark. Lithopanes of European manufacture have been around for a long time and were popular as panels in lampshades in the latter part of the 1800s and in the bottom of steins later on. In the 1920s the Japanese started putting lithopane Geishas in the bottom of teacups.

Oil Lamps 3 : Victorian Kerosene Lighting 1860-1900Oil Lamps 3 : Victorian Kerosene Lighting 1860-1900 


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