Latticinio or Latticino - (Glass) Glossary of Antique Terms L

Latticinio or Latticino - (Glass) A glass decorating technique, of Venetian origin, though the Romans had something very like it. The process, at its simplest for drinking glass stems, involved placing opaque and/or coloured canes in a mould into which clear glass was poured. After fusion and cooling the resultant rod could be reheated and stretched to the thickness of a glass stem, the enclosed canes becoming mere threads. Twisting supplied a spiral. The same basic process in more complicated forms was applied to vases and plates, for which the threads were tooled into a network and melted into the surface of the clear ware. Long in favour-sixteenth to eighteenth centuriesand revived most successfully, at Nailsea particularly, during the nineteenth century.


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