Lace - (Textile) Glossary of Antique Terms L

Lace - (Textile) In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Europe went wild for costly lace. Intricate needle- and bobbin-made laces were used to trim bed linen and clothing, including undergarments. The more lace you possessed, the more fashionable you were. As the seventeenth century progressed, the appetite for lace was out of control. Laces became more covetable if they came for other countries. Because of the high customs duties and trade restrictions imposed, there was much smuggling of the most desirable Belgian and Venetian laces into France, Spain, and England. Smuggling between Flanders and France was easier than smuggling into England. It was known for a dog to be wrapped like a mummy in lace, then dressed in a faux fur coat, taken to the border and released, to be collected on the other side. The major danger with this scheme was losing the dog.

Identification of Lace (Shire Library)Identification of Lace (Shire Library)


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