Kroehler Furniture Company - (Furniture Manufacture) Glossary of Antique Terms K

Kroehler Furniture Company - (Furniture Manufacture) The Kroehler Furniture Company was founded in Naperville, Illinois in 1922. The started by Peter Kroehler (1872-1950) who had been hired by a Naperville group to help run a small furniture business called the Naperville Lounge Co. Peter kept the books, called on customers, and delivered products to the railroad station. By the time It became the Kroehler Co., he had developed and sold hand-tufted "Turkish Couches" (6 for $25); invented and patented davenport bed fixtures with hidden mattress and springs – one of the earliest forms of dual-purpose furniture. Some other innovations of Peter Kroehler were a piecemeal system giving employees the opportunity to earn more money while controlling costs. Kroehler also introduced national advertising and premium tie-ins (sofas and triple plated teapots). Organizer and first president of the National Association of Furniture Manufacturers, he also organized the American Furniture Man and Furniture Club of America. Delmar L. Kroehler (1902 - 1982) a brother of Peter became president in 1951 and retired in 1967. He helped Kroehler, the world's largest manufacturer to expand into 14 manufacturing plants in the US and Canada. In 1965, Kroehler became the first manufacturer in history to achieve annual sales of more than 100 million dollars per year. Now a Canadian manufacturer of fabric and leather sofas, loveseats, and occasional chairs.


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