Knop - (Glass) Glossary of Antique Terms K

Knop - (Glass) Archaic for knob, a disc, bulge or swelling, the usage being mainly confined to such decoration on glass stems. The principal types are as follows (only the first few are described; the remainder are self-explanatory). Annulated, flattened, with similar, progressively smaller, matching knops above and below it; bladed, flattened and sharp-edged; bullet, small, globular; cushion, largish, spherical but flattened at top and bottom; cusped, with an often irregular edge where fluting or facet-cutting from above and below meet at the widest point of the knop; drop, inverted cone; merese (or collar), flat, like a button; quatrefoil, with four wings or lobes, pinched into shape. The others: acorn (which may be inverted), angular, ball, beaded, bobbin, button, compressed ball, cone, cylinder, dumb-bell, egg, melon, mushroom, triple ring (the simplest form of the annulated), urn-shaped. There are many, many combinations of the knopped stem. Of interest is the knop with a coin enclosed; examples have been found with coins dating from the late seventeenth century, but the coin is all too likely to be older than the glass.


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