Jingdezhen China - (Ceramics Porcelain Chinese)

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Jingdezhen, China - (Ceramics, Porcelain Chinese) Jingdezhen is called the Porcelain Capital of the World. The city started its Porcelain Production about one thousand years ago, and from this city alone comes the vast majority of all porcelain pieces in the world. The Chinese City of Jingdezhen was ideally situated with wood, water, clays, skill and labor abundant and nearby. This is also the location of the Imperial Porcelain Factory (Zhushan - the Mountain of the Holy Pearl) The only place where all Chinese Imperial porcelain was made during the Y√ľan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. The city is situated in the South of China in the Jiangxi Province, about 750 kilometers inland, from Shanghai.

Pottery and Ceramics of Ching-Te Chen (Jingdezhen, China)Pottery and Ceramics of Ching-Te Chen (Jingdezhen, China)


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