Isokichi Asakura 2nd – (Japan Potter) Glossary of Antique Terms I

Isokichi, Asakura 2nd – (Japan Potter) 1913 -1998 - Yosaku Isokichi is born in Terai on February 26th 1913. He first learned ceramic from his father. In 1928 he became student from Tokuda Yasokichi 1st and he learned multicolor enamel from Kitade Tojiro in 1946. He was awarded a prize for the first time in 1946 by the Japan Fine Arts Assiociation, Nitten. He attended many exhibitions and received a prize from the Japanese Prime Minister in 1977. He received the Prime Minister Prize and the Japan Art Academy Award in 1981. In 1993, Isokichi museum opened in Terai city. He was nomminated as a person who has contributed to culture in 1992 and received the Order of Cultural Merit in 1996. He was member of Japan Art Academy, Adviser of Nitten and President of the Association of Ishikawa Prefectural Arts and Culture. He is a modern style painter not too far from Kutani original colors and likes to give space to the motifs of his potteries. His products have fantastic pictures such as yellow butterflies dancing on camellias. In the last part of his life, he had the tendency of not using at all any akae (red) paint.


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