Horse Brasses - (Metal) Glossary of Antique Terms H

Horse Brasses - (Metal) Ornamental brasses used on horse harness; they can be quite valuable if old and genuine, but have sometimes been manufactured lately for use without horses. A few terms: Face piece, amulet worn as a charm against evil either on strap between eyes or on martingale; Bells, first hung on harness to warn others to fulfill same function as modern motor-horn), they were attached to a swinger which was screwed into a bridle atop the head, with decoration above, often of horse-hair plume or colored brush; Brass Rosette, often in the shape of a cone, worn at end of the brow-band, under the ears, plain or with bells or ribbons suspended; Martingale, a strap that extends from belly-band to bridle and particularly decorative, with face-pieces, in the case of cart-horse harness.


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