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Hoosier Manufacturing Company - (Furniture, Kitchenware) The Hoosier Manufacturing Company was founded in 1899 in Albany, Indiana. A year later, the factory burned and they moved to New Castle, Indiana. At the height of their production years, the Hoosier Co. was making nearly 700 cabinets a day. A Hoosier Cabinet was an extremely versatile piece of kitchen as handy as the center island is today. It came with lots of extra handy gadgets that made cooking easier for the woman of the house. They usually had upper cabinets, and behind a central tambour door, there was a metal dispensing flour bin, spinning spice set, etc., an enameled metal preparation surface, and below would be more cabinets and drawers usually with metal sides to keep out pests. Although most of these Indiana built, cabinets are called 'Hoosier Cabinets,' there were many makers of kitchen cabinets including Sellers, McDougall, Boone, Wilson, Napanee, Kitchen Maid, Diamond, Landau, and Hopper. Another interesting thing about the Hoosier Company is that it led farm families to the “time pay” method of payment; farmers would pay a dollar a week for their cabinets. At the height of the kitchen cabinet making years, there were more than 30 companies making 'Hoosier-style' kitchen cabinets.

The Hoosier Cabinet in Kitchen HistoryThe Hoosier Cabinet in Kitchen History


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