Gorham Silver Corporation - (Silversmith)

TheAntiqueTrade.co.uk Glossary of Antique Terms G

Gorham Silver Corporation - (Silversmith) One of the largest firms of silversmiths in the United Sates. Founded around 1818 by Jabez Gorham in Providence Rhode Island. They are still in business today and produce fine Hollowware The Factory expanded in 1841 when they introduced mechanical methods for producing solid silver wares. They hired Thomas J. Pairpoint (Sculptor, Silversmith, Glass) from an English Silversmith in 1841 to be the Chief Designer for Gorham. They hired English Silversmith's Francis Lambert (Silversmith) and William Rawlings (Silversmith) in 1868 to be the chief designers. This is the same year that Gorham adopted the United States Sterling Silver Standard of 925/1000. William Codman (Silversmith) also English, was hired around 1900 as chief designer. He designed individual hand-wrought Art Nouveau pieces that were marketed under the name Martele.


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