Drinking Glasses - (Glass)

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Drinking Glasses - (Glass) Two main classes, (1) beer glasses, usually of tumbler shape, and (2) stemmed glasses intended for wine, ale and cordials. The evolution of the English wine glass from the late seventeenth century is extremely complicated, but, simplified, the trend is from capacious bowls and short stems to smaller, slimmer bowls and longer, more sophisticated stems. Decoration on stems from 1680 to 1725 includes the true and inverted baluster, often with enclosed 'tear', and many variations and combinations of the knop. Air-twist stems were an important development of the late 1730's; and opaque-twist stems came into favour in the next decade, followed by colourtwist stems. Cut and faceted stems date from about 1745, hollow diamond patterns being much used till c. 1770, then fluted patterns till c. 1800, when raised diamond patterns and prismatic cutting came in.

1890 Antique British Victorian pressed green vine glass


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