Delft - (Ceramics Earthenware Holland) Glossary of Antique Terms D

Delft - (Ceramics, Earthenware, Holland) Tin-enamelled earthenware made at Delft from before 1600 but notably from the mid-seventeenth century to the mid-eighteenth. The ware was an attempt to copy Chinese and Japanese porcelains at first and decoration was in the Oriental manner; but later European subjects were used and the baroque and rococo styles are to be observed. Marks divide into two classes, those based on the signs of the breweries in Delft that housed the first great potteries such as De Blompot (the Flower Pot) and De Vergulde Boot (the Golden Boot), and marks which represent the initials of the potter, 'a.x.', 'x.s.', 'M.r.' A clearly marked piece, especially if it has the name 'Delft', is probably modern.

Antique Art Deco hand painted Delft ceramic jug


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