Decanter - (Glass Bottle) Glossary of Antique Terms D

Decanter - (Glass, Bottle) A Decanter originally called bottles, is a glass vessel with a matching stopper, usually with no handle. Decanters are used for serving wine, sherry, brandy, and other spirits that have been emptied from their original bottle, thus decanted. Decanters were being made in 1677 and the word first came into use in 1701. The ordinary form between 1675 and 1750 has a narrow neck and globular body. Shortly before 1720, a form with sloping shoulders and shorter neck was introduced. Early decanters were rather plain when compared to the 19th century decanters. Most of the finest decanters date from 1790-1820. The type of spirits and the popular fashion determines the shape and size of the bottle. The eight basic shapes are Bell-Shape, Claret Jug, Club Shape, Globular Shape, Shouldered, Ship’s Decanter, Square Shape, and Tapering.

Superb Vintage Art Deco green glass large Decanter


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