Cook John A. - (Artist American1870-1936) Glossary of Antique Terms C

Cook, John A. - (Artist American1870-1936) John A. Cook was an American Watercolor Artist, born in Gloucester, Massachusetts in 1870. He exhibited his artwork primarily in Boston. He is best known for his watercolors of Gloucester Harbor. Top price for a Cook painting was $18.46 per square inch received in May 2000, at Skinner Auctions in Boston. The Second highest was $9.40 per square inch received in November 2002, also at Skinner Auctions. The third highest price received was $8.88 per square inch received in August 1999, at Northeast Auctions in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Cook has had 33 paintings offered at auction to date with a per square inch average of $3.58. (as of 4/2005)


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