Coles Albert - (Silversmith American) Glossary of Antique Terms C

Coles, Albert - (Silversmith American) Founder of the Albert Coles & Company, New York. Coles, Albert & Company of New York - (Silversmith) The Albert Coles & Company was Listed in the New York City Business Directory from 1836–80. Coles Silversmiths used “Pseudo” Hallmarks as their Trademark that consisted of an eagle Coles initials and a head. Pseudo hallmarks were quite common among New York silver smiths between 1825-1860. Coles had a large factory at 6 Liberty Place and they sold to a large number of retailers that stamped their own names on the Coles produced pieces. Coles was succeeded in business by Morgan Morgans who sold the business to George W. Shiebler in 1876. Coles spoon designs were continued by the Shiebler company and they remained popular until 1895. Albert Cole died in 1866.


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