Chatelaine - (Domestic Jewelry) Glossary of Antique Terms C

Chatelaine - (Domestic, Jewelry) (French =mistress of a chateau) In medieval times a long waist chain with pendant clasp from which hung purse, keys, etc. Usually worn by the Mistress of the house or Housekeeper a Chatelaine is a clasp for keys and other items that was attached to a clip and worn at the waist. Victorian ladies dispensed with the waist chain and favoured, hooked into their waist-bands, an ornamental metal plate from which hung several short chains with swivel endclips for carrying scissors, pencil, keys, scent bottle, penknife, needlecase.

Chatelaines: Utility to Glorious ExtravaganceChatelaines: Utility to Glorious Extravagance


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