Capo-di-Monte - (Ceramics Porcelain) Glossary of Antique Terms C

Capo-di-Monte - (Ceramics, Porcelain) A factory for making porcelain set up in 1743 at Capo-di-Monte, near Naples, by Charles, King of Naples. Soft-paste porcelain of excellent quality was made; figures are superb-and very rare. In 1759, when Charles became King of Spain, the factory was removed to Buen Retiro, near Madrid. Early in the nineteenth century the Doccia factory acquired a large number of the Capo-di-Monte moulds and made considerable use of them; but as these Doccia reproductions are hard-paste porcelain their detection should not be difficult. The mark is the Flur-de-lis, also to be used at Buen Retiro.


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