Bryce Brothers Company (Glass Manufacturer Glass American EAPG) Glossary of Antique Terms B

Bryce Brothers Company - (Glass, Manufacturer, U.S. Glass, American, EAPG) - This Company was founded in 1850 and located in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. They were specializing in hand blown stemware and stemware that was engraved, etched, cut, or decorated. Bryce Brothers also had a line of baskets, vases, and accessory pieces. Bryce Bros. Co. became a part of U.S. Glass Co. in 1891, known as Factory 'B'. During sometime in the 1880's, there are references that they were in Pittsburgh, PA.

Bryce, Higbee and J. B. Higbee GlassBryce, Higbee and J. B. Higbee Glass


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