Biniou - (Musical Instrument Scotland) Glossary of Antique Terms B

Biniou - (Musical Instrument, Scotland) Biniou means bagpipe in the Breton language. There are two kinds of Biniou found in the United Kingdom the biniou kozh ('kozh' means 'old' in Breton language) and the biniou braz ('braz' means 'great'). The 'biniou braz' is the same as the Great Highland Bagpipe, although sets are manufactured by Breton makers rather than imported from Scotland or elsewhere. This is largely because the Scottish Great Highland Bagpipe is pitched slightly sharp of concert pitch, whereas Breton musicians maintain concert pitch in order to work more easily with other musicians. The 'biniou kozh' has a one-octave scale, and is very high-pitched; its lowest note is the same pitch as the highest on the Great Highland Bagpipe. It has a single drone two octaves below the tonic. Traditionally it is played in duet with the bombarde, a shawm that sounds an octave below the biniou chanter, for Breton folk dancing. The 'biniou braz' is the one heard as part of a bagad.

Scotland's Great Highland BagpipesScotland's Great Highland Bagpipes 


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