Alvin Corporation - (Silver Manufacturer American) Glossary of Antique Terms

Alvin Corporation - (Silver Manufacturer, American) Located in Providence Rhode Island the Alvin Silver Company was named the Alvin Corporation in 1928 when it was purchased by the Gorham Corporation. Originally based in Irvington, New Jersey they manufactured metal, plated and other goods and novelties. In 1897, the factory was moved to Sag Harbor, New York and they made watch cases. After becoming the Alvin Silver Company in 1919 they manufactured sterling silver flatware, hollowware, dresser ware, silver deposit ware and plated silver flatware. Also Known As: Alvin Manufacturing Company 1886-1893, Alvin-Beiderhase Co. 1893-1919, Alvin Silver Company 1919-1928.


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