Repeater - (Clock)

Repeater - (Clock) Clock or watch with a 'pull-repeating' mechanism by means of which the hours and quarters can be struck at will by pulling a cord.

Rent Table - (Furniture)

Rent Table - (Furniture)  Circular or polygonal-topped table with drawers in the frieze. First made in the middle of the eighteenth century and popular well into the nineteenth. Sometimes they rotated. Also called Drum or Capstan table.

Renaissance Revival - (Furniture)

Renaissance Revival - (Furniture) European and American furniture from the 19th Century. Revival of designs that were copied from the 15th through the 17th century European Renaissance.

Regulator - (Clocks)

Regulator - (Clocks) A precision, long-case clock, usually made for scientific purposes.

Regout, Petrus Laurentius - (Glass Ceramics Manufacturer Holland)

Regout, Petrus Laurentius - (Glass, Ceramics, Manufacturer, Holland) Petrus Laurentius Regout (1801-1878) worked in the glass and earthenware shop of his mother 1814-1834, He became the director of the crystal and earthenware factory Sphinx after the death of his mother in 1834, he remained the director until 1870, he continued to keep a hand in the business until his death in 1878.

#Regency - (Period)

Regency - (Period) Strictly, the period 1811-20; but an extension has been allowed and the period 1800-37 is generally understood and accepted.

Regence - (France Period)

Régence - (France, Period) The era of the French Régence (1715 - 1723) covers the minority of Louis XV, when France was governed by the regent, the child-king's uncle, Philippe d'Orléans.The Régence marks the temporary eclipse of Versailles as center of policymaking, since the Regent's court was at the Palais Royal in Paris. It marks the rise of Parisian salons as cultural centers, as literary meeting places and nuclei of discreet liberal resistance to some official policies. In the Paris salons aristocrats mingled more easily with the haute-bourgeoisie in a new atmosphere of relaxed decorum, comfort and intimacy. French period of the Regency of the Duke of Orleans, 1715-23, a period of transition, stylistically speaking, from Louis XIV to Louis XV, from the baroque to the rococo.

Reform Flasks - (Ceramic Stoneware Bottle)

Reform Flasks - (Ceramic, Stoneware, Bottle) Salt-glazed stoneware flasks made in the form of political figures at the time of the Reform Bill (1832)

Refectory Table - (Furniture)

Refectory Table - (Furniture) Term for a long table such as might have been used in the refectory of monasteries but applied to long oak tables from the halls of domestic buildings.

Reeding - (Furniture)

Reeding - (Furniture) Ornament comprising a group of two or more beads in parallel lines.